Happiness NOW Wristwatch

Kate Riley
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“My most prized possession is my “Happiness NOW” wristwatch. I designed it myself as a gift for my own 35th birthday. It is a gold-plated watch, with stainless steel case back, a mineral glass lens, a black leather strap, and a white watch dial with black lettering in a classic roman font. In the centre it reads, “happiness”. And instead of the normal numbers “one” to “twelve”, it reads “NOW” twelve times.

Within a month after my birthday, I had over 50 unsolicited orders for a replica “Happiness NOW” watch from friends, colleagues and clients. Everyone I showed my watch to said, “I really need one of those”. One friend who is a doctor said my watch should be made available on prescription – as an aid to mental health and inner well-being. For me, I made my “Happiness NOW” watch as a reminder to slow down, be present and enjoy the moment more often.” – Robert Holden

This unique watch is now available to buy for men or women for £29.99 each ($45.00) or £50 ($75.00) for two, plus delivery charge.

Available for delivery in the UK only due to government restrictions on posting batteries abroad.

Please email to organise purchase.

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