Success Intelligence Mastermind


Enrolment now open for January 2020

ONLY 16 seats available!

Join me on my next Success Intelligence Mastermind program:

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On this Mastermind, you will work closely with me for six months.  I am your host, your presenter, and coach. This Mastermind is open to a maximum of 16 people.  My aim is to use everything I’ve learned with Success Intelligence – over the last 20 years – to help you take a leap and enjoy a whole new level of authentic success.

“The next level of success is a dare to be more of the real you.”

Robert Holden


Here’s what you will experience on your Mastermind: (NOT including the special bonuses and gifts we have planned for you!)

          • 10 x 2-hour Mastermind Classes hosted by me.
          • 3 x 1-to-1 coaching sessions with me.
          • 5 x 1-to-1 coaching sessions with peers.
          • 20 Success NOW! videos, with coaching practices.
          • 2 free tickets to a public event hosted by me and Hay House.
          • Membership to a Private Facebook Group, with a daily message Mon-Fri from me.
          • Exclusive subscription to my weekly S.I. Coaching Tips – usually only for people I’ve coached.
          • Certificate of Completion with full permission to use all you’ve learned from the S.I. toolkit.


          Every S.I. Mastermind is a unique journey. I design it according to your individual needs, and to the needs of the group. Here are some of the core themes we will cover on the 10 Mastermind Classes:

                  • Authentic Success – creating a vision for success that inspires you and helps you be more of the real you!
                  • Your Soul Purpose – welcoming a whole new level of creativity and inspiration into your life.
                  • Rewriting Your Success Contract – so as to allow for less struggle, more grace; less sacrifice and more support.
                  • Shift Happens! – what good things could happen if you were 20% braver, 30% braver, 60% braver?!
                  • (SQ) Spiritual intelligencegoing deeper, growing spiritually, stepping forward, embracing leadership.

                • TUITION FEES

                  The Mastermind tuition fee is $9,995 USD (or £7500 GBP inc VAT for those in the EU) ​

                          • Option 1 – 10% discount for full upfront payment by bank transfer ($9000 USD or £6750 GBP)
                          • Option 2 – A payment plan of 3 instalments by credit card or bank transfer. (3 x $3332 / £2500)


                • “I experienced increased clarity in all areas of my life as a direct result of the Success Intelligence Mastermind program! This clarity has given me a renewed passion for my business and I feel happier and more confident than I have in years. Thank you, Robert!”

                  Diane Haworth, Coach, Speaker, Author

                  Listen to Diane’s new discoveries on how SI Mastermind transformed her definition of success!


                • “Success Intelligence is deeply restorative at its essence. The program expanded my definition of success beyond “doing” measures to include joy, connection and love of my work and my life. That expansion made success whole again! Now I have the tools to support my clients in doing the same. I’m eternally grateful.”

                  Heathere Evans, Pivot Coaching, Inc.

                  Listen now to Heathere’s personal fulfilment and her new levels of reaching success!


                • “Any time spent with Robert Holden is transformational, and this program is no exception. Seeing him in action, while deepening in his success teachings, has allowed me to be more courageous in myself and my work. I’ve taken a bigger stand for Love in every area of my life (including success)—and the results continue to astound me.”

                • Amber Krzys, Fierce Loving, Inc.



                  PRAISE FOR ROBERT’S WORK

                  “Robert is a gifted teacher. His work transforms lives.”

                  Deepak Chopra, author of Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

                  “The beliefs I live by today were inspired by my coaching sessions with Robert. The results were extraordinary and my appreciation for his generosity and inspiration immense.”

                  Liz Trubridge, Executive Producer, Downton Abbey

                  “A HUGE thank you Robert! Your coaching, keynotes and workshops have inspired everyone at Dove and The Real Beauty campaign.”

                  Silvia Lagnado, President, Dove & Real Beauty Campaign

                  “Robert Holden is a brilliant coach. If you get the chance to work with him, or participate in a workshop – take it!”

                  Margarete Nielsen, C.O.O. of Hay House

                  “Robert Holden’s Coach Camp is a five course feast with each day building on the one that went before culminating in an infusion of Love and a call to serve that continues long after. The five days were very rich and we came away renewed, inspired, and enthused as educators.”

                  Drs. Mary & Ron Hulnick, Co-Directors of University of Santa Monica


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