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I set up Success Intelligence Ltd in 2000 – a boutique consultancy group offering innovative leadership programs and coaching experiences on the heart and soul of authentic success. Success Intelligence (S.I.) offers a re-think on success. “The challenges we face today do not require more effort; they require more wisdom,” I wrote in Authentic Success.  S.I. is based on a unique model of four intelligences:

Physical Intelligence: Success starts with recognizing what makes you come alive.
Intellectual intelligence: The next level of success comes from thinking the thoughts you haven’t let yourself think before.
Emotional Intelligence: Success is not about driving yourself harder; it is about letting go of what blocks your heart.
Spiritual Intelligence: Success is knowing who you are, and being more successful means daring even more to be you!

Our S.I. corporate program has delivered over 500 events to leading brands, companies and organizations worldwide. Our S.I. public program offers workshops – like the 5-Day Coaching Success program – attended by entrepreneurs and leaders, artists and coaches, and movers and shakers from over 100 countries.

The S.I. Keynote
I gave a Success Intelligence keynote at The Leadership Trust conference in 2000 – called Leadership for a New Millennium. It was attended by several hundred leaders from politics, business, education, healthcare, the arts and charities. This put us on the map! Another big highlight was a series of S.I. keynotes for I.B.M. and the Intelligent Planet campaign. Other clients include Accenture, The Body Shop, The Royal National Theatre, Young President’s Organization, and Sony.

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S.I. Leadership Program

In 2005, I was appointed team coach to the leaders of Dove & the Real Beauty Campaign. I also delivered a S.I. leadership program to Dove teams worldwide for four years. Between 2007-2010, I ran a one-year S.I. leadership program for leaders at Virgin Media. From 2010-2012, I ran a leadership program for one thousand leaders at Heinz. From 2012-2015, I have been team coach to the executive team at Hay House.

S.I. Coaching Success

I run a 5-day Coaching Success public training program each year. This is my chance to share with you the principles and practices at the heart of S.I. I coach you on the four intelligences to help you create a vision, live your purpose, release inner blocks, and love the life you live.  The program draws people from all walks of life. We stay in touch on a dedicated Facebook page – supporting each other every step of the way.

One-to-One Coaching

My 1-to-1 coaching practice is reserved for only five people at a time.  Each coaching experience is bespoke.  I coach you in person, on Skype, via e-mail, by text, and in the mail! We meet up at my home, at your home, on a golf course, on a mountaintop, in a hotel lobby, at a retreat center, or anywhere else.  We do what it takes to get the job done!  If you want to work with me 1-to-1 contact my office for an application.

Online Coaching Groups  

This is new! I’ll soon my launching my first online coaching group. It operates a bit like a mastermind group.  Each group will be ten weeks long, open to a limited number of people, and features a weekly conference call, daily coaching e-mails, access to a private FB group, and some nice additional extras along the way.  If you want to join me on an online coaching group contact my office for an application.

You improve your chances of success every time you choose love instead of fear, love instead of attack, and love instead of defensiveness.

- Robert Holden, Ph.D.