Everyday Abundance: A Rich Man

A Poem About The Relationship Between Happiness And Abundance

When I prepare for a workshop I give, I often find that my thoughts turn to poetry. Not exactly sure why; it just happens that way. At the Everyday Abundance workshop, I shared a number of personal poems that address the relationship between happiness and abundance. Here is one of them. It is called “A Rich Man.” I hope you enjoy it.

A Rich Man

by Robert Holden, Ph.D.

A rich man
does not think about

And yet, he knows the
price of

A rich man
is someone who is willing
to invest everything
he has
in love.

Love is a bond that grows,
no matter what the
economy is

A rich man
will forgive everyone
no matter what it
costs him.

He will gladly give up
all of the grievances and
resentments that his
ego gambles on.

A rich man
will sell off all of his
future investments
in an instant, if it means
he can be with

He is interested only in the
gift of the present.
And he is happy to leave
the future and the past
right where they are.

A rich man
has learned to appreciate
what is here,
in his life,
right here.

He is rich in gratitude,
and he has discovered
that what he

A rich man
knows that in a world of
front-page news,
fast-track careers,
designer clothing, and
tragic sports results,
you have to know
what is real.

A rich man
knows the true value of
He knows what is real.
His heart is set on
what lives

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