5 Key Measures of Real Success

A Writing Exercise

I’m in Milan, Italy today coaching a team of leaders who are responsible for three global brands that are each the No.1 brand in their field.

We began the day by reviewing the question, “What is success?” As ever, the conversation was interesting, informative, and helpful.

“What is success?” is a good question.

After that, we explored the question, “What is REAL success?”

This time the conversation went to a whole new level. It was illuminating, energizing, and revelatory. “What is REAL success?” is a great question.

Exploring “What is REAL success?” is an invitation to dive deeper into what really moves you, inspires you, touches you, engages you, and helps you to feel most alive and on purpose. I love this question. To finish the session, we each made a list of 5 key measures that help us to identify REAL success. I will share with you my personal five measures of success:

Measure of Success #1: Love

Love is success. Love is happiness. Love is my purpose. Love is the whole point of everything. And whatever I do, I do it for love. The more loving I am, the more successful I feel.

Measure of Success #2: Oneness

I feel an abiding sense of oneness with my creator, with my soul, with my family, with my friends, with humanity, and with nature. I am inspired and sustained by Oneness.

Measure of Success #3: Forgiveness

I gladly let go of all grievances, regrets, wounds, rejections, and disappointments that happened once upon a time. Forgiveness helps me to live in the present tense.

Measure of Success #4: Grace

I notice how I am helped everyday Ð by angels seen and unseen – in a hundred thousand different ways. Right place; right time. I gladly accept the universal help that is always on offer to me.

Measure of Success #5: Gratitude

I don’t wait for my life to get better before I start to practice gratitude. The more grateful I am, the wealthier I feel. Gratitude is a miracle because it shows me that it’s all here now.

OK, those are my five measures. Writing them down feels great. Totally affirming.

Now it’s your turn.

What are your five key measures that help you to identify REAL success? Grab a pen and paper, and start writing.

Please feel free to share your Success Metrics with everyone else in the comments below.

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