Happiness Test Results – Self-Care

Your Score:

If you scored 36 to 51 points: Self-care
This score is a sign that you could be looking after yourself better. Beware of unhealthy self-sacrifice. Notice the cost of self-neglect. Acknowledge the help you need. Recognize how you might be limiting your own happiness. Remind yourself that it is not someone else’s job to make you happy. Remember also that your healing and your happiness is a gift to others.

How Your Score Was Calculated

Each statement was valued from 1 to 5, based on how you feel at present. Each score was added together to create your total score and then multiplied by two to arrive at a percentage rating. For example: 35 x 2 = 70 percent. You now have your happiness score. It’s possible to increase your results quickly with these 10 scientifically proven methods for raising your happiness levels. Try them for seven days, then take the BHI test again to check your progress.