What our Children Teach Us about Happiness

And The Power of Now

My daughter, Bo, has recently celebrated her second birthday. As you can see by the picture of her below, she is all grown up now.

Recently, Bo has taken to waking me up each morning with a little question that she whispers ever so sweetly into my ear. The question is, Daddy, shall we have some fun today?

What an invitation.

It’s the way Bo says it that really gets me. She makes it sound so appealing. How can I say “No” to her?

My Daughter Bo, at 2 Years of Age, Wearing My Wife's Sunglasses

My Daughter Bo, at 2 Years of Age

Having fun is Bo’s greatest priority. To her, that’s what life is for. On waking, she chooses fun. This choice is entirely spontaneous. Nothing has to happen first before she chooses fun. She doesn’t check to see if it’s the weekend; she doesn’t look outside to see what the weather is like; she doesn’t go online to check the Dow Jones index; she doesn’t look up her credit rating; and she doesn’t check her blood pressure first.

Bo’s decision to enjoy her day appears to be entirely unassisted. For example, she doesn’t meditate first, and then choose fun; she doesn’t do an affirmation, and then choose fun; she doesn’t drink a shot of wheatgrass or espresso, and then choose fun. She doesn’t wait for the day to go well before she decides to enjoy it. Bo simply enjoys herself.

And we can do the same.

In my book Be Happy I ask you to consider the question:

What sort of a day have you decided to have today?

Are you conscious of what you decided? Indeed, can you find the place in your mind where you have decided already how good today will be?

In every moment there is a choice.

And it is never too late to change your mind and enjoy yourself more.


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