9 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose

Find Your North Star

One of my main goals as a coach is to help my client identify a “living question” that he or she can use as a North Star to guide them in their life now and into the near future.  A really good question has the answers you most need to hear!

Here are nine of my favourite questions I ask myself and my coaching clients when exploring life-purpose. These questions correspond to the nine points of the Enneagram. I encourage you to choose one question, take it to your heart, and listen for guidance.

Point One

How would I like to leave this world a better place?

At The Body Shop, I witnessed first-hand Anita Roddick’s passion for wanting to make the world a better place.  Her passion and inspiration lives on in me and in millions of people.

Point Two

How would I like to serve?

I’ve spoken at over fifty I CAN DO IT! Hay House events worldwide.  Most often, Wayne Dyer gave the opening talk.  He set the stage for the other speakers.  To prepare for his talk, Wayne sat in meditation and asked the Divine “How may I serve?”

Point Three

What would I like the greatest accomplishment of my life to be?

It might be your work CV, or not.  It might be something you do or the person you are. It might be creating an empire or raising a family. It might be a pot of gold, an experience of God, or some inner work that changes everything.

Point Four

How am I expressing my creativity?

Everyone is creative in some way or other.  You can create something on a canvas, in the kitchen, on the stock market, on a Facebook page, on a plot of land.  It doesn’t have to be good; it simply has to be authentic.

Point Five

What would I like the world to know?

The mission statement for TED talks is “Ideas Worth Spreading”.  If you gave a TED talk (I recently gave my second one – out soon!) what would be your subject, and what would you most want the world to know?

Point Six

What do I believe in?

Your purpose is bigger than you.  It’s something you align with and that you give yourself to. Your purpose supports you and you support the purpose you serve. What is your faith? What is your spiritual lineage? What truly inspires you?

Point Seven

When do I feel like I am following my joy?

I created The Happiness Project in 1994.  The purpose of the project is to help people stop searching for happiness and to start following their joy.  How could you follow your joy more?  Who could help you?

Point Eight

When do I feel most alive?

I love this quote!  “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive,” said Harold Whitman, the human rights activist.

Point Nine

How would I like to love the world?

Your purpose is the same as everyone else’s purpose on this planet.  Your purpose is to love and be loved. How you do this is up to you.  How would you like to express your love today?