Self-Sacrifice Test Results – 20-35

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If you scored 20 to 35 points:

Happiness is sacrificing what is unreal for what is real. Your goal is to keep practicing healthy sacrifice so that you make positive choices in your life. These choices include less ego, more love; less roles, more presence; less effort, more grace; and less independence and more openness. Above all, your goal is to know the truth of who you are, so that you can give yourself more without giving yourself away. Remember, the only thing missing in your life is more of the real you.

How Your Score Was Calculated

Each statement was valued from 1 to 5, based on how you feel at present. Each score was added together to create your total score and then multiplied by two to arrive at a percentage rating. For example: 35 x 2 = 70 percent. You now have your score. It’s possible to increase your results with these 10 powerful ways to let go of your need to please and say yes to a more beautiful and enriching life.

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