Self-Sacrifice Test Results – 52-67

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If you scored 52 to 67 points:

Beware of roles and fears that cause unhealthy self-sacrifice, martyrdom and exhaustion. Commit to being more honest about what you want in your relationships. Take an emotional risk in being more open and more authentic in your communication. Notice the good things that happen when you stop trying so hard, when you are less “pleasing” and when you give up “approval seeking” for being more real with people. Decide now which Letting Go Exercise you will do first.

How Your Score Was Calculated

Each statement was valued from 1 to 5, based on how you feel at present. Each score was added together to create your total score and then multiplied by two to arrive at a percentage rating. For example: 35 x 2 = 70 percent. You now have your score. It’s possible to increase your results with these 10 powerful ways to let go of your need to please and say yes to a more beautiful and enriching life.

Get 10 real-life examples and Letting Go Exercises and say yes to a more beautiful, enriching life!