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The Last Four Beatitudes

A Life Changing Journey To The Holy Land - Part 2

On the recent Holy Land Tour, organised by Ibis Kaba, her Life Journeys team and Hay House, we visited the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount. Here, I gave a talk on a mystical interpretation of the eight beatitudes Jesus gave to us. In a recent blog post, I covered the first four beatitudes, and now I will look at the last four.

In Jesus’s time, Mosaic Law, as delivered in the Ten Commandments, and John the Baptist’s teachings too, emphasized the importance of what to do or not to do. The teachings were literal. They were about right-doing and wrong-doing. In the beatitudes, Jesus encouraged the multitudes to focus on being and not just doing. He asked us to think more deeply about our true identity, our relationship to the divine, and who we have come to be. Continue Reading