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The Sacred Yes – A Powerful Catalyst For Change

Why Saying Yes Will Get You Where You Want To Be

One week before Louise and I were due to start writing Life Loves You, I received an e-mail from the author Sandy Newbigging asking me to write a foreword for his book Mind Calm. I felt honored to be asked, but I thought I didn’t have the time and needed to keep my focus on this book. I e-mailed Sandy to say my answer would have to be no, but somehow I ended up saying yes. It wasn’t an I-should yes, or an I-must yes, or even a be-kind yes. It was a truthful yes. Or what I call my Big Yes—with a capital Y.

Another name for this Yes is my Sacred Yes. I sense this Yes in my belly (gut instinct), I feel it in my heart, and I hear it in my head. When it shows up, I feel like I have almost no choice whether to follow it. This is the “Yes” that simply feels true. To go against it would be inauthentic. Continue Reading

Can You Really Buy Happiness?

Is There a Limit to What Money Can Buy You?

We live our lives in the hopes that just one more thing will complete our happiness. The ego’s conditioned thought is that something is missing. And so we look for the missing piece to bring us salvation. And yet, no matter how many things we purchase, gather, and collect, we still feel as if something’s missing. Indeed, there is-the unconditional awareness that nothing is missing. We are, in truth, complete and whole already.

Nothing can make you happy if you won’t accept for yourself that happiness rests within you. You see . . . I know people with fancy dishwashers who aren’t happy. I’ve met people with elaborate stereo sound TV sets, complete with remote control, who are absolutely miserable. I know men who wear Armani and still feel inferior. I know women who can afford to buy a dozen Gucci watches but still have no time for themselves.

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Are You Addicted to Permanent Busyness?

Why We Sometimes Confuse Adrenaline With Purpose

Permanent busyness is not intelligent. In fact, it is my experience that permanent busyness is often a major block to success in work, relationships, and life. The Busy Generation has to learn that it is not enough to be busy. A busy life is not necessarily a life well lived. A busy work schedule is not evidence of any great accomplishment. Being busy neither guarantees success nor equates to success. Henry David Thoreau, the American philosopher, who has inspired so many leaders and thinkers, once wrote: It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants.

The question is: What are we busy about? Permanent busyness might start with the best of intentions, but along the way we disconnect from what is truly important, sacred, and real. We lose the power to discriminate. We are so busy, so overbooked, and so obsessed with our schedules that we are no longer open and available to the essential truth and beauty of our lives. We are lost, but we are usually too busy to notice. As the popular saying goes: “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” Continue Reading

10 Characteristics of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

How to Release it Even More In Your Life

If I were to ask you, “Are you an entrepreneur?” what would you say?

“Yes” or “No?”

“Maybe” is not an option.

If your answer is “Yes,” how so? What makes you an entrepreneur? Be specific now! How would you describe the tell-tale signs of entrepreneurial spirit in you?

If your answer is “No,” I recommend that you take a closer look at your life, your work, and your relationships. Maybe entrepreneurship is so natural to you that you haven’t thought of giving a name to it. It’s just who you are; and you just do it!

So What is an Entrepreneur?

It sounds a bit French, doesn’t it! And what is the entrepreneurial spirit? Well, here are ten symptoms that I have come up with which might help you to recognize it in you and release it even more into our life. Continue Reading