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5 Simple Ways To Let Life Love You

Practices For Greater Abundance And Happiness

I’m grateful to have given several talks over the last few months on Life Loves You, the book I co-wrote with Louise Hay, because it has helped me to deepen my own inquiry.

In the postscript to Life Loves You, I wrote,

“This book is nearly finished, but it feels like the inquiry has just begun. Each of us has a self-image, an ego that we hope is loveable, but our egos are full of holes. These holes hide buried fears and doubts, and they cast a shadow on the world as we see it. Life loves you asks us to dig deep, to excavate the ground of our being, where our true nature lives. Here is our buried treasure. Here is where we meet our Unconditioned Self. This is the Self that life loves.” Continue Reading

Where Do you Rank on the Forgiveness Scale?

Learn How to Score Yourself and Transform Your Relationship with Yourself and Everyone

by Robert Holden, Ph.D
“We don’t need to know how to forgive. All we need is to be willing to forgive,” says Louise. Saying yes to forgiveness is the first step. When you affirm I say yes to forgiveness, it activates something in you, and healing begins. Your willingness orchestrates the healing and arranges for you to meet the right people and find the necessary help along the way. As you keep on saying yes to forgiveness, every step of the way, your healing journey takes you from the past into the present and to an entirely new future.

This spiritual practice is called The Forgiveness Scale. This practice helps you cultivate the necessary willingness to experience the blessings of total forgiveness. The Forgiveness Scale is based on a scale of 0 to 100 percent. You begin by choosing a person to focus on. You can choose yourself, which is always a good idea. Or you can choose anyone else, even someone with whom you have only a slight grievance. You’ll notice there isn’t anyone in your life that you don’t have a bit of a grievance with.

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Why Is it So Difficult to Love Ourselves?

A Conversation Between Louise Hay and Robert Holden, Ph.D.

In the process of writing this book with Louise, I’ve been tracking my responses to the phrase ‘Life loves you.’

Each time I hear these three words, I can hear my soul saying, “Yes.” Sometimes it’s a gentle whisper, and other times it’s a joyous shout. With each ‘Yes’ I feel physically strong and deeply heartened. I know life is spurring me on. That said I’m also aware of other voices that call out from the dark corners of my mind. These voices are more cynical. They are full of hurt. ‘Life loves you’ sounds like mere words to them, and the words are too good to be true.

I asked Louise why she thinks these darker influences cross our minds some of the time.

 “It’s taken me a while to let myself hear these words,” I admit.

 “Not everyone can hear them,” she says.

 “Sometimes they sound like the gospel truth,” I say, “but other times, they feel like only a positive affirmation.”

“I know how that feels,” says Louise.

 “Why do we find it difficult to hear these words?” I ask her.

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To Love Someone

A Poem for Valentine's Day

by Robert Holden, Ph.D
Happy Valentine’s Day!

May TODAY be a day in which every individual, and the whole wide world, chooses love over fear, love over hate, and love over attack.

Below is a poem I wrote, called “To Love Someone” when I was putting together the vision for a workshop called “Love and Fear.” Continue Reading