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Why are There so Many Unhappy Millionaires?

Why is Satisfaction so Short Lived?

“Satisfaction” is the name given to the type of happiness that is most commonly studied by positive psychologists. It also fits with what some philosophers call “desire theories,” which focus on the happiness that comes from “getting what you want.” Other words used to describe this happiness include “contentment,” “fulfilment,” and also the scientific term “subjective well-being.”

Satisfaction arises when you enjoy circumstances and conditions that are deemed favorable. For example, “I like my life” (life satisfaction) and “I enjoy my work” (job satisfaction). Satisfaction is the result of the thought I am happy because . . .For example, I am happy because my shares have increased in value, my new shoes look so sexy, and I have just been given chocolate. That said, satisfaction is derived not just from “getting things,” but also from finding meaning in certain activities, in having a purpose, in loving relationships, and in values and ethics.

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Do You Know What You Really Want?

The Real More: "The Start of Something Wonderful"

by Robert Holden, Ph.D
This morning I begin a two-day workshop in London called The Real More. This workshop is billed as “A Series of Meditations on More.” It is an invitation to reflect on what is the real more that we most want in our lives. More specifically, what is the real more we want to be, to know, to experience, to give, and to receive. The first principle we will explore is, when you know what you really want, you stop wanting more of everything else. Continue Reading