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A Prayer to Heal the Pain of Separation

And How to Recognize the 3 Ways that Separation Manifests in Our Lives

Separation is the great disease of mankind. It is because you believe you are separate and alien to the rest of life that you experience lack, struggle, conflict, illness, and pain.

Think about it!

It is impossible to feel wholly connected to life and be depressed. It is impossible to experience pure oneness and have anxiety. It is impossible to join unconditionally with someone and be in fear. It is impossible to be with God and in hell.

Separation is Hell

When you are tempted to fence off a piece of the whole and call it “self,” “mine,” and “own,” the price you pay for these acquisitions is to feel estranged, separate, and disassociated from the whole field of creation. Everything now feels outside “you,” including happiness, love, peace, Heaven, and God. The word hell in Old English means “fence” or “boundary.” Continue Reading

Are Your Attachments Holding You Back?

How Shift Happens When You Let Go

by Robert Holden, Ph.D
Shift happens when you let go of attachment to suffering. I have learned that problems are not fixed; they are simply outgrown. You leave them behind.

Thus, to experience healing and wholeness—and leave your problems behind—you have to be willing to give up your attachment to the self…

…that has made mistakes.
…that has experienced failure.
…that has suffered illnesses.
…that messed up. Continue Reading

Are You Dysfunctionally Independent?

How to Tell

by Robert Holden, Ph.D
From a distance, the independent person cuts a striking pose. To be independent looks like power, freedom, and true strength. But it isn’t. Independence is not strength, it is a wound. Independence is inspired not by love, but fear, and not by wholeness, but aloneness. Independence is the ego’s attempt to be its own god. It is a form of arrogance that leads to much despair. The independent person always runs out of juice.

How do you know if you are being dysfunctionally independent? Continue Reading