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9 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose

Find Your North Star

One of my main goals as a coach is to help my client identify a “living question” that he or she can use as a North Star to guide them in their life now and into the near future.  A really good question has the answers you most need to hear!

Here are nine of my favourite questions I ask myself and my coaching clients when exploring life-purpose. These questions correspond to the nine points of the Enneagram. I encourage you Continue Reading

Do You Know What You Really Want?

The Real More: "The Start of Something Wonderful"

by Robert Holden, Ph.D
This morning I begin a two-day workshop in London called The Real More. This workshop is billed as “A Series of Meditations on More.” It is an invitation to reflect on what is the real more that we most want in our lives. More specifically, what is the real more we want to be, to know, to experience, to give, and to receive. The first principle we will explore is, when you know what you really want, you stop wanting more of everything else. Continue Reading