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5 Keys To Abundance

Why Are We So Obsessed With "More"

This week, a new documentary called The Abundance Code is released. I am one of fifteen people interviewed for this film that takes you on a 90-minute feature length journey from scarcity to abundance. Julia Anne Cairns is the inspiration behind this project. She interviewed me when I was in Australia for an
I CAN DO IT! tour hosted by Hay House. I remember enjoying the interview very much, and I’m thrilled the film is now out. It’s full of real wisdom, and refreshingly free of the normal “hype” that surrounds abundance.

Is there anybody on the planet who does not want to be abundant? Imagine someone turning down an offer of abundance. “Would you like some abundance, ma’am?” “No thanks.” Most rare, I say. The real question is… Continue Reading

3 Essential Traits of Leaders

How to Take the Lead in Your Life

For the last two years the Success Intelligence team has been running a leadership program for 1,000 people. Today, Ben Renshaw and I are facilitating our sixth event for these leaders. Leadership is evolving now. One of the key messages of our program is: leadership is no longer the prerogative of a few; it is the responsibility of us all.

Some people switch off when they see the word “Leadership.” And yet, real leadership is relevant to everyone. In essence, leadership isn’t just about titles, positions, pay grades, and a job of work; it’s much more interesting than that. Leadership is about how you show up; living from your heart; and allowing yourself to be inspired. Continue Reading

Everyday Abundance: Being On Purpose

by Robert Holden, Ph.D
This evening I will be giving a talk on Everyday Abundance at One Spirit in New York. One of the themes I will focus on is the relationship between abundance and living a life of purpose. I notice that when I feel I am on purpose I want for nothing else. Continue Reading

Everyday Abundance: Abundance is not an “It”

A Poem

by Robert Holden, Ph.D
On February 27th-28th, I facilitated a workshop on Everyday Abundance at the Columbia Hotel, London. For two days, a room full of people, who came from all walks of life, explored some big themes including definitions of real abundance, blocks to real abundance, and also what can enable greater abundance.

I put this workshop on now, in the middle of this economic recession, because I believe we are each being called to reflect on what is of real value in our lives. The workshop was a wonderful occasion, and one that I personally got a lot out of. It was full of deep realizations, rich sharings, helpful conversations, and new commitments going forward.

The Everyday Abundance workshop started with a reading by Avril Carson and Lizzie Prior of a poem I wrote called True Abundance. This poem set the tone for our workshop. Here it is: Continue Reading