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5 Keys To Abundance

Why Are We So Obsessed With "More"

This week, a new documentary called The Abundance Code is released. I am one of fifteen people interviewed for this film that takes you on a 90-minute feature length journey from scarcity to abundance. Julia Anne Cairns is the inspiration behind this project. She interviewed me when I was in Australia for an
I CAN DO IT! tour hosted by Hay House. I remember enjoying the interview very much, and I’m thrilled the film is now out. It’s full of real wisdom, and refreshingly free of the normal “hype” that surrounds abundance.

Is there anybody on the planet who does not want to be abundant? Imagine someone turning down an offer of abundance. “Would you like some abundance, ma’am?” “No thanks.” Most rare, I say. The real question is… Continue Reading

Gratitude As A Spiritual Path

St. Francis is my Patron Saint of Gratitude. He made praise and thanksgiving his daily spiritual practice. Gratitude was his spiritual path.

St Francis’s Canticle of the Sun is a prayer, spiritual song and poem all-in-one. It’s beautifully lyrical, full of high teaching, and it offers a powerful meditation on gratitude. Here is a version of the prayer, translated from the original Umbrian, and below that are some musings by me on the joy of gratitude.

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10 Miracles of Gratitude

The Power of Keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal

On January 1st 2009 I made my first entry in a journal called 365 Gratitudes.

One of my new year’s resolutions to myself was to make a daily entry of “one-gratitude-per-day” for a calendar year. Why? Because I wanted to experience the power of gratitude and how it might affect my life, my relationships, and my ideas about happiness, success, and abundance.

Just now, with a few hours to go before mid-night on December 31st, I made my final entry for the year.

365 Gratitudes, as I like to call it, has been a challenging and enlightening experiment. Continue Reading

Finding Happiness

Article for

by Robert Holden, Ph.D
On Friday this week I will wrap up another Be Happy 8-week happiness course, held in London, UK. The end of the program always feels bittersweet to me. I am already grieving and I am so grateful for the journey we have been on. And it’s not over yet!

For the last eight weeks a group of fifty people have participated in a deep inquiry into life’s #1 goal: happiness. The theme for this year has been, giving up the search for happiness. Continue Reading

Be Happy – 8 Week Online Course

with Robert Holden, Ph.D.

I am delighted to announce dates for the first ever Be Happy 8-Week course Online. The course is hosted by Hay House publishers, and you can listen to it on-demand (at a time convenient to you). To purchase this course go to Hay House.

Below is a short outline of what I will cover on the 8-week program. I hope you can join me.

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