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How Happy Are You?

Robert Holden, Ph.D. on Oprah - New Year's Day

by Robert Holden, Ph.D

Happy New Year to YOU.

The first Oprah show of 2009 is one I appear in. It is called How Happy Are You?

Oprah Winfrey and I spend 60 entertaining and enlightening minutes uncovering the real secrets to happiness. The show begins with five members of the public including Lorrie, a mother of six, and David, a funeral director, who take a unique satisfaction test to assess how happy they are. The results are surprising and revealing, with David, the funeral director, top scoring! Afterwards, I coach each of them on how to enjoy greater happiness—starting from now.

You can take the happiness test and read a full report on the show now by visiting

In a fast-paced show, Oprah and I cover many key themes including the importance of defining happiness for yourself, and also overcoming common blocks to happiness such as chasing happiness, destination addiction, and leaving yourself out of your own life. The show was seen by millions of TV viewers, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

My book Happiness NOW! was the featured book for the show, and since the broadcast it has risen on the Amazon list to #1 for books on happiness, #2 for self-help books, and into the Top 30 for books overall. The Happiness NOW audio book and perpetual flip calendar are also selling well. Continue Reading