5 Simple Ways To Let Life Love You

Practices For Greater Abundance And Happiness

I’m grateful to have given several talks over the last few months on Life Loves You, the book I co-wrote with Louise Hay, because it has helped me to deepen my own inquiry.

In the postscript to Life Loves You, I wrote,

“This book is nearly finished, but it feels like the inquiry has just begun. Each of us has a self-image, an ego that we hope is loveable, but our egos are full of holes. These holes hide buried fears and doubts, and they cast a shadow on the world as we see it. Life loves you asks us to dig deep, to excavate the ground of our being, where our true nature lives. Here is our buried treasure. Here is where we meet our Unconditioned Self. This is the Self that life loves.”

The more I talk about life loves you, the more I’m starting to believe that life really does love us! I still run into walls and hit bumps on the road, but I notice that I’m surrendering more to the possibility that life loves us no matter what. Only this morning, at the end of my meditation, I wrote down this simple aphorism on surrender: “To surrender is to let yourself feel God’s unconditional love for you.”

So how do we let life love us more? Here’s five practices for you to try.

1. Be Present

Start by noticing how much life loves you already. My favourite book, A Course in Miracles, teaches, “The universe of love does not stop because you do not see it, nor have your closed eyes lost the ability to see.” Each day, take time to complete the following sentence a few times: One way life is already loving me is…

2. Be Receptive

Make receiving your spiritual practice today. Chapter Six of Life Loves You is entitled Learning to Receive. Simply affirm, I am willing to let life love me today. At the end of your day today, take some time to complete this sentence a few times: One way life loved me today is…

3. Basic Trust

“Never let a good crisis go to waste,” said Winston Churchill. Consider the possibility that life is always trying to love you even in the worst moments. Take a look at a challenging situation in your life. Be still for a moment, ask for a miracle to shift your perception, and be willing to see it differently. Life doesn’t just happen to you, it happens for you.

4. Stay Open

Stay open to the possibility that life loves you even if you don’t get everything you want, your plans don’t always work out, and you still feel afraid and lonely. Be open to a higher plan. Remember that love forgets no one, and makes no exceptions. There is a better way. In Life Loves You, we wrote:

Universal love, like the sun, shines on everyone. Love leaves no one out. As Galileo Galilei, the Italian physicist and philosopher, is said to have observed,

The sun, with all those
planets revolving around it
and dependent upon it,
can still ripen a bunch
of grapes as if it had
nothing else in
the universe
to do.

5. Say Yes

One day, I asked Louise “Do we live in a friendly universe?” She said, “Say YES, even if you can’t or won’t believe it right now. If you say NO, you won’t ever feel it. But, if you say YES, you will eventually.” On that note, one of my favourite affirmations is: “I say yes to letting life love me today in delightful and surprising ways.”

With love,

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