How Many Times Will You Fall In Love?

A Poem

Happy Valentines Day to you. Today is a good day to pay attention to your relationship to love, and to commit to being the most loving person you can be. Make it your intention today to love everyone. Allow yourself to let love in today. Don’t leave yourself out. Loves excludes no one, after all.

To mark this occasion, here is a poem, Falling in Love, which I put inside a card for my wife, Hollie, this morning.

You can fall in love with the same person
for the first time at least ten thousand times,

if you play it right.
And that’s just in the beginning.

After that, you can fall in love with each
other more times than you can count.
And each time it will feel more like
love than before.

Eventually, you will fall in love together
as often as you want.
And even more than that, because
you won’t have a choice
about it.

The last time you fall in love will
be when you finally let love do
away with you and me and him
and her and all of us.

In the end, only love remains.

Ha! It was love falling in love
with love all along.

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