What is Love?

A Conversation with God

Here’s what happened: I’m in the back of a cab, on my way from San Diego airport to Encinitas. It’s early morning. I’ve just flown in from San Francisco where I was appearing the night before on KQED for my PBS show Shift Happens! I’m feeling tired. I’m looking forward to taking a shower. I haven’t done my morning meditation yet. So, I decide to speak to God. I said, “Hey God, let’s talk about love.” God said, “I’d love a peanut butter smoothie.” 

I said, “Love is the greatest thing.” “The only thing,” said God. “I need to remember that more,” I said. “I can help you with that,” said God. “Thank you,” I said. “I like my peanut butter smoothie made with Soya milk,” said God. “I love that I can talk to you about everything God,” I said. “You are always talking to me, even when you are only talking to yourself,” said God. “Wow,” I said. “And when I’m talking to you, it’s really you who is doing the talking,” said God.
“That must be why we both like peanut butter smoothies,” I said. “Made with Soya milk,” said God. “We’re really just the same thing,” I said. “The only thing,” said God. “One love,” I said. “One love,” said God.

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