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The Oprah Winfrey Show – The Pursuit of Happiness

Robert Holden helps guests on The Oprah Winfrey Show unveil their blocks to happiness | April 2007

Dr. Holden says those looking for happiness often don’t realize they already have it. It’s a lesson that he says he was lucky to learn at age 18 from a spiritual teacher. “He said, ‘Look, actually, Robert, you’re already happy.’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s great, but I don’t feel it. So tell me, what […]

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Good Morning America – The Power of Happiness in You

Discover how to stop blocking happiness from your life in this excerpt from Be Happy

You can train yourself to be happy, according to Robert Holden’s newest book “Be Happy: The Power of Happiness in You.” He shares the key steps to take in the follow-up to his previous bestseller. According to the book, one key is to put your past behind you and focus on being happy now. Another […]

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PBS Special

Robert Holden explains that we have two selves on his PBS special Shift Happens!

You Tube | January 2013

Robert Holden on PBS in the USA – Shift Happens! How to live an inspired life.

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