7 Spiritual Lessons of Success

Make Success Part of Your Spiritual Path

I first met Deepak Chopra in 1997, when we shared a platform together in Dublin. Deepak’s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success has been a big inspiration for me.  He showed me that success can be spiritual and not just ego-based.  As a tribute and thank-you to Deepak for his great book, I present to you The Seven Spiritual Lessons of Success.

Lesson 1:  Success is having a daily spiritual practice.

I started practicing meditation when I was 18 years old. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself.  Having a daily spiritual practice … which I do daily! ….  helps me to connect to a power greater than my ego. It helps me to be centered, authentic and clear.  Create a practice that you want to do – one that you truly enjoy – and your life will take off in wonderful ways.

Lesson 2:  Success is loving who you are.

And loving who you are will help you to know thyself, to be brave, to follow your joy, to be resilient in difficult times, to bounce back from rejection, to listen to the wisdom of your heart, and to say YES to what you feel is sacred.

Lesson 3:  Success is daring to be even more of the real you.

Joseph Campbell, the American mythologist, wrote about the hero’s journey.  The hero is you and me, and everyone who dares to grow and to keep on growing. The next chapter of success always requires a willingness to grow beyond your self-image and step into your true soul nature.  Be more of the real you, and you will feel more fulfilled and more on purpose.

Lesson 4: Success is choosing love over fear.

A big myth about success is that successful people never feel fear, never lack confidence, and never feel lost.  Success is not about NOT feeling fear; it’s about meeting fear in an honest and healthy way.   A Course in Miracles taught me that fear is “a call for love’.  In other words, when I’m afraid it’s a sign to choose love, i.e. ask yourself what is the most loving (and wise) thing I can be doing for myself right now?

 Lesson 5:  Success is forgiving the past.

Another myth is that to be successful you must have a perfect track record – a perfect curriculum vitae – with no mistakes, no failures, no divorces, no dismissals, no bad hair days, etc.  When you forgive the past, you drop the shame, you learn your lessons (wisely), and you are free to step more fully into the present.  Whenever you forgive something, you can expect to experience a whole new level of inspiration.

Lesson 6:  Success is not doing it alone.

As Director of Success Intelligence, I do lots of interviews in the media on the psychology of success. A question I’m often asked is “What has been the key to your success?” My answer is: a super-wonderful, natural ability to attract great teachers, coaches and mentors! To be successful you have to be willing to be receptive, open and available to help coming to you in delightful and surprising ways!

Lesson 7:  Your success is your gift to the world.

Success is a spiritual path.  Meditating on what real success is helps you to know yourself, to remember what is important, and to serve the world.  Knowing what real success is – for you – helps you to live with vision and imagination.  It helps you to identify, honour and share your natural soul gifts with all of us.  Real success isn’t selfish; it’s about service. Your success is how you love the world.

Ok, I’ve got the ball rolling.  How about you?  What are your seven spiritual lessons of success?  Doing this exercise will help you be more successful.