Christmas: The Angel of Forgiveness

A Poem to Reflect on Forgiveness

Happy Christmas to You! I wish you and your family an enchanting Christmas and glad tidings for the new year ahead. With that in mind I offer you the following poem, The Angel of Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an Angel you pray to
when you need a miracle to
save you.

Forgiveness loves you all the way
home. Its sweet essence leads
you back to the Garden.

Forgiveness is a blessing that gives
you back your innocence again.

Forgiveness teaches you who You
really are, when you let go
and let God love you.

Forgiveness is a way of seeing. It
shows you what is real, and what
cannot be hurt.

Forgiveness is a holy star the lights
the way ahead for you.

Forgiveness helps you to find the
present. The shadows of the past
disappear all into now.

Forgiveness gives you wings. You
are free now to go on and be
who You came to be.

Forgiveness is the gift you came
to give to the world. Heaven’s
gentle smile here upon earth.



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