Are Your Attachments Holding You Back?

How Shift Happens When You Let Go

Shift happens when you let go of attachment to suffering. I have learned that problems are not fixed; they are simply outgrown. You leave them behind.

Thus, to experience healing and wholeness—and leave your problems behind—you have to be willing to give up your attachment to the self…

…that has made mistakes.
…that has experienced failure.
…that has suffered illnesses.
…that messed up.

…that has been abused.
…that was betrayed.

…that was once unpopular.
…that has been victimized.
…that grew up poor.

…that was rejected.

…that was wrongly accused.
…that did not get the love.

There are many ways we identify with our problems until they become a part of how we see ourselves. How many of the above examples do you believe are a fixed part of you?

One very powerful technique to let go of attachments that I learned from my friend Louise Hay is to do daily mirror work. In fact, Louise asked me to share what I learned about mirror work with you all in her online video course: Loving Yourself: Online Video Course : 21 Days to Improved Self-Esteem with Mirror Work Course with Louise Hay and FriendsMirror work is so powerful because it teaches you that you have all the love you need. When we allow ourselves to receive love from ourselves, it can be a powerful vehicle to healing.

Letting Go of Attachments Opens the Door to Healing

A client of mine, Claire, had experienced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for more than ten years. At first, her physicians told her the illness did not exist. Later, they confirmed it did, and she was diagnosed with different “types” by different specialists. Finally, she was told there was no cure, only remission. That was when she came to see me, to find herself again.

Claire and I worked well together. Her remission was good! Several months passed before she called again.

“Robert, I need your help one more time,” she said. Claire had kept a daily diary of her CFS experience for almost eight years.

She said, “You have taught me to honor my experience of this illness, but not to give it my identity. I want to give my diary away now. I want to move on with my new life.”

After some more talking, Claire decided to burn the diary in her back garden. Together with her family, we created a ritual in which we honored her past experiences and committed to present joy and happiness. Letting go was harder than Claire had imagined. But now she was free.

My Exercise for You

Take time today to honor all your experiences. Smile, thank them for teaching you, send them love, and let each one go.

Your experiences are simply experiences. They are not you. Above all, you are not an illness, you are not made of pain, and you are not your mistakes. You are far too beautiful for that.

Excerpted from my book, Shift Happens.

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