The Inner Life Of A Leader

Success is a Real YES!

Today I am giving a 1-day workshop on success intelligence and the inner-life of a leader. The workshop is taking place in Manhattan, and is being hosted by One Spirit. One of the themes I will be exploring is “The Real Yes.”

I believe a leader is anyone who senses the big YES in their belly and immediately goes into labour; I believe a leader is someone who feels the deep YES in their heart and dares to follow it; I believe a leader is everyone who listens to the true YES in their mind and trusts it as their guide; and I believe a leader is who you are when you identify the real YES of your soul and really live it.

Leadership is receptivity; leadership is heartfelt; leadership is listening; leadership is being who you really are. So what is your real YES? What is it that you really say YES to?

On this note, I offer you something I once wrote called “The Real Yes.”

I took a chance.
And, yes,
I took a risk.

And, yes,
I gave it a go,
And, yes helped me
get past “No.”

I can,
I know I can.
I’m able,
I know I’m able.

I will,
I know I will.
No longer am I
standing still.

I heard myself say,
“but,” and “no,” and “won’t,”
“maybe,” and “if,” and “only,”
and “shan’t”, but it was “Yes!”
that got me past “can’t.”

“Yes” brought out the best in me.
I said “Yes!”
A real “Yes!”

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