A Prayer to Heal the Pain of Separation

And How to Recognize the 3 Ways that Separation Manifests in Our Lives

Separation is the great disease of mankind. It is because you believe you are separate and alien to the rest of life that you experience lack, struggle, conflict, illness, and pain.

Think about it!

It is impossible to feel wholly connected to life and be depressed. It is impossible to experience pure oneness and have anxiety. It is impossible to join unconditionally with someone and be in fear. It is impossible to be with God and in hell.

Separation is Hell

When you are tempted to fence off a piece of the whole and call it “self,” “mine,” and “own,” the price you pay for these acquisitions is to feel estranged, separate, and disassociated from the whole field of creation. Everything now feels outside “you,” including happiness, love, peace, Heaven, and God. The word hell in Old English means “fence” or “boundary.”

Separation by Its Very Nature is Violent

The moment you believe you are separate from anything or anyone, there is room for suspicion, fear, defensiveness, com_petitiveness, envy, and attack. Because of separation, it is now you against the world, you against your neigh_bor, you against your brother, you against “them,” or you against God. And because you are too afraid to extend love to anything that is not “your own” you suffer even more.

Separation is Like a Cancer

In my work I have found that a perceived separation from your Unconditioned Self plays a part in almost every illness and unhappiness. Separation does not exist, and yet feeling separate from your innate wholeness can spread quickly into your consciousness, causing you to experience yourself as cut off from Heaven, from nature, from humanity, from your own feelings, from your creativity, from your higher self, and from hope.

It is because separation is the root of disease and pain that all healing begins with dropping your defenses, giving up your secrets, reaching out, asking for help, receiving, letting others in, being intimate, and joining.

A Prayer to Achieve More Wholeness

If you are interested in having more energy, more inspiration, more creativity, more grace, more peace, more aliveness, and more joy, all you have to do is give up the illusion of separateness. Begin each new day with this simple prayer: “Dear God, today I give up the thought of separation. Amen.” You are not separate. And you do not walk alone. Affirm to yourself daily:

In me is all of Heaven;

In Heaven is all of me

Excerpted from my book, Shift Happens

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