What is Mirror Work?

An Introduction to Louise Hay's Famous Exercise

The first spiritual practice Louise and I have created for you combines self-love and mirror work.

This practice has two parts to it. It takes about 15 minutes to do it, and the benefits will last a lifetime.

The one piece of equipment you need is a mirror. Any mirror will do. Make sure you give it a good polish before you begin. You are about to meet the most important person in your life.

Remember, your relationship with this person (namely you) is very powerful—it influences your relationship with everyone and everything.

Let’s Begin

Be sure you are sitting comfortably.

Look into the mirror. Look into your eyes. Inhale deeply.

Say to yourself these three words: Life loves you

And then exhale.

It’s good to keep breathing! Repeat this ten times. Notice your response each time. Pay attention to the three languages of response: sensation (body messages), feelings (heart thoughts), and thoughts (mental commentary).

We recommend that you write down your responses in a journal. Louise and I did this in order to track our progress. Sensations may include tension around the heart, tightness in the face, softening around the eyes, lightness of being. Feelings may include sadness and grief; hope and happiness. Thoughts may include commentary like I can’t do this, and This isn’t working. Please don’t judge your responses. There are no right answers. And don’t try to be positive; be honest.

Notice that the phrase ‘Life loves you’ is only three words long. There are no other words. It’s not ‘Life loves you because‘ …For example, ‘because I am a good person,’ or ‘because I work hard,’ or ‘because I just got a raise,’ or ‘because my football team won.’

Similarly, it’s not ‘Life will love you if‘ …For example, ‘if I lose 10 pounds,’ or ‘if I heal this cancer,’ or ‘if I find a girlfriend.’ Life loves you is about unconditional love.

Complete 10 rounds of the affirmation ‘Life loves you,’ then look in the mirror and say this affirmation to yourself:

I am willing to let life love me today.

Once again, notice your responses. And remember to breathe.

Repeat this affirmation until you feel comfortable sensations in your body, light feelings in your heart, and a happy commentary in your thoughts. Willingness is the key. With willingness, all things are possible.

“Please encourage people to be very kind to themselves when they do this practice,” Louise tells me, as I write notes for this chapter.

“I know that mirror work can be very confronting at first. It reveals your most basic fear and your most terrible self-judgments. But if you keep looking in the mirror, you will begin to see through those judgments and see who you really are.”

Louise adds lovingly, “Your attitude to mirror work is the key to success. It’s important to take it lightly and be playful. If it helps, I prefer that people stop calling it mirror work and instead call it mirror play.”

This was just an introduction. For more in-depth information on mirror work, you can find it in the online course that I filmed with Louise Hay and other leaders in the spiritual and transformational self field: Loving Yourself: 21 Days to Improved Self-Esteem Using Mirror Work

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