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Why Is it So Difficult to Love Ourselves?

A Conversation Between Louise Hay and Robert Holden, Ph.D.

In the process of writing this book with Louise, I’ve been tracking my responses to the phrase ‘Life loves you.’

Each time I hear these three words, I can hear my soul saying, “Yes.” Sometimes it’s a gentle whisper, and other times it’s a joyous shout. With each ‘Yes’ I feel physically strong and deeply heartened. I know life is spurring me on. That said I’m also aware of other voices that call out from the dark corners of my mind. These voices are more cynical. They are full of hurt. ‘Life loves you’ sounds like mere words to them, and the words are too good to be true.

I asked Louise why she thinks these darker influences cross our minds some of the time.

 “It’s taken me a while to let myself hear these words,” I admit.

 “Not everyone can hear them,” she says.

 “Sometimes they sound like the gospel truth,” I say, “but other times, they feel like only a positive affirmation.”

“I know how that feels,” says Louise.

 “Why do we find it difficult to hear these words?” I ask her.

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