Loving Everyone: A Poem for Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day to you.
Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is the day we show our love to one special person in our life. This is a lovely thing to do. That said, I feel that Valentine’s Day would be even lovelier if we made it a day to show our love to everyone in our life. Everyone must also include our self too. Maybe we could start a new tradition. Starting from today.
Below is a short poem called “Loving Everyone.”

Loving Everyone

If you want to find someone
to love,
I recommend you start
loving everyone

Love will find you if you are
being the love

If you want to learn how
to love someone
with all your
I advise you to fall in love
with everyone
a little bit

Loving everyone is the key
to loving

And if you want someone
to love you
I urge you to get on with it,
and to start
loving yourself.

Someone has to do it.
It may as well be you.
Show us how it is done.
So that you make it easy
for us to love
you too.

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