3 Essential Traits of Leaders

How to Take the Lead in Your Life

For the last two years the Success Intelligence team has been running a leadership program for 1,000 people. Today, Ben Renshaw and I are facilitating our sixth event for these leaders. Leadership is evolving now. One of the key messages of our program is: leadership is no longer the prerogative of a few; it is the responsibility of us all.

Some people switch off when they see the word “Leadership.” And yet, real leadership is relevant to everyone. In essence, leadership isn’t just about titles, positions, pay grades, and a job of work; it’s much more interesting than that. Leadership is about how you show up; living from your heart; and allowing yourself to be inspired. Leadership is what helps you to “take a lead” in your life so as to create a life you want to live. Here are three more thoughts for your consideration:

1. Success is Being Yourself

How you show up in your relationships, in your conversations, in your work, in your life has a tangible influence on how you experience things. How do you feel about the idea that success is being yourself? The law of attraction begins with an understanding that you attract what you are being. Daring to be yourself is the key to attracting great things in your life.

2. Success is Being the Goal

Leadership begins with an awareness that the world is an effect; not just a cause. The world would not be the way it is, if we were not being the way we are. “Being the goal” means you have to be what you want. For example, if you want more love, be more loving; if you want deeper friendships; commit to being even more of a friend. Whatever you want, be it.

3. Success is Being Even More of Who you Are

What you bring to a situation is what you are experiencing. If you think something is missing in a specific situation (a relationship, a conversation, a conflict) Ð it might be you. To attract more of what you truly want you have to be willing to be even more of who you really are. Where, when and with whom could you apply this principle in your life?

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